Rachael Dunbar


Hilliard, Ohio 





* First time clients only. Limited number of specials offered each month. 

Additional time can be purchased. Every 30 minutes for $25.00 { 3 cleaners x's 30 minutes = 1.5 hrs

You can use the list below as a guide or you can customize this special by providing our staff with a list of your priorities. 

When scheduling mention you want the ' Try us and see if you like us" special.

* no  contracts or agreements to sign up for a routine cleaning.WE JUST ASK THAT YOU GIVE US A 48 HOUR NOTICE FOR CANCELLATIONS. 

We offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, one time and move in/out cleaning. We service residential homes and businesses. 

If you don't know your square footage no worries we will look up your address prior to your cleaning. If you would like to stay within a price range below just let us know and we can customize a package.

                             ONE TIME


up to 1800  SQ.FT.                          $85.00                              

1801-2500 SQ.FT.                           $100.00                             

2501-3000 SQ.FT.                          $ 125.00                              

3001-3500 SQ.FT.                          $150.00                              

3501-4000 SQ.FT                          $ 175.00                             

4001-4500 SQ.FT.                         $ 225.00                             


up to 1800 SQ. FT                  $80.00

1801-2500 SQ.  FT.                $95.00 

2501-3000 SQ.FT                   $100.00    

3001-3500 SQ.FT                   $125.00

3501-4000 SQ.FT                   $150.00


Upon initial examination of  your home and we have discovered it is  outside the normal cleaning guidelines we will let you know that in order to complete all the amenities mentioned additional charges will apply. 

Additional fees : $25.00  for every 30 minutes. If you want to stay within a price range above you can choose to omit areas in your home.

There is a time cap on the square footage listed above. I have added a guide to better understand. 

Two cleaners will typically arrive to clean your home. However during peak times of the year three cleaners may arrive. So the  time guidelines below will be reduced. You will still be getting all amenities the job will get done faster with three cleaners versus two. So in the event that you do have three cleaners arrive at your residence. Please understand we will not be staying in your home as long however it does not affect the hours you will receive if you count the number of cleaners in your home x's the amount of time spent during the visit. 

what do we do ?

Kitchen- inside and outside of microwave. All small and large appliances will be cleaned and germs removed then polished to a shine. All counter tops.  

Kitchen cabinets will be spot cleaned and food splatter, grease, oil or finger prints will be removed. All floors will be swept and mopped. 

All areas- 

all furniture will be dusted. 

all trash removed throughout the residence.

Furniture will be wiped down or vacuumed and crumbs removed from inside. 

Beds will be made and sheets will be changed if clean set is provided. 

All ceiling fans, light fixtures, chandeliers and stair railings will be dusted.

All floors will be  swept, mopped and vacuumed. 

Bathrooms- bathtubs, shower stalls, vanity, toilet, mirrors and floors. Will switch out all towels if clean towels are provided. We even fold your toilet paper. 


We are fully insured our insurance covers injury and damage. 

All employees are background checked and drug screened.

under no circumstances do we hire people with felony backgrounds. Or individuals with misdemeanor convictions that would question their integrity and character.